Baby squid

Baby Squid


  • 1. 1 kg of baby squid
  • 2. 2 onions
  • 3. 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 4. Maze floor (course is better)
  • 5. Olive oil
  • 6. Salt
  • 7. Black pepper

First make sure all the squid has been cleaned by removing the plastic like inside parts and then give him a good rinse, now we’re ready for shallow frying.

Put the onions and garlic into the pan and fry slowly to release their sweetness.

Separate the heads from the bodies of the squid, take out the onions and garlic and set aside Heat up the flavoured oil, dust the baby squid in the maize flower (in Spain you can get a course maze flour which is best), and fry a few of the time, don’t put to many into the pan, as this will cause the pan to cool down and the water from the squid will boil them. (not what we want at all)! Only fry for a few minutes if you cook them for too long they will become rubbery. (again not what we want). As soon as the first batch is ready place onto kitchen paper to Drain and at start the next batch repeat until they’er all cooked. Serve straight away with lemon salt and maybe a dash of paprika.

Job done!

Squid is something we are not so familiar with over here. but i can assure you if it has been make right is one of the most delicious bits you will ever taste.

Most people think squid is rubbery and a bit choey but they couldn’t be further away from the truth. Made correctly it will be tender and if made with a course maze floor coating crispy on the outside.

Although, as with most Spanish cooking it’s a simple recipe to make it right needs a little bit of practice. Also if you don’t get the squid prepared at the fishmongers can take a little time to get ready before you start cooking.

Getting the freshest fish you can find is always a must with Spanish cooking. In Spain most of their markets are visited daily by mama. Who will see what’s available and choose the meal for the day. There always seems to be a lot the choose from so for dinner there’s alway a delighted surprise when we see whats come back.



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