Spanish omeletteĀ 

Spanish omelette
Perfect Spanish omelette

How to cook Spanish omelette (tortilla)

The Ingredients you are going to need:4 potatoes ( waxy ones are better )2-3 onions3-5 eggsolive oilsaltpepperThese are the basic ingredients for the traditional Spanish omelette, bear in mind as with all cooking, quality is everything !!Ingredients should always be the freshest and best quality produce that you can afford. There are unlimited ways you can diversify your tortilla depending on how you feel on the day you are making it. You may want to add some chorizo or Serrano ham to it, or maybe some different types of vegetables. Or if you want to keep it simple just add some fresh parsley. The choice is yours. Once you can make the basic omelette you have the free range to add whatever you feel like.

Lets get on with making our Spanish omelette.

First you are going start to poach the potatoes in the oil. So chop them up and pop them in the pan with a good bit of olive oil ( enough to nearly cover the thickness of your potatoes ). Heat the oil and then add the potatoes ; don’t overload the pan with potatoes, you want them to cook evenly. Turn them a few times while they are cooking . Cook them gently as you don’t want them to turn into chips. After five or six minutes add the onions. Again cook them slow as you don’t want them to burn, ( when you cook onions slowly they become beautifully sweet and release loads of flavour ).

When both the potatoes and onions are just soft, drain most of the oil from the pan. You can take them off the heat and set aside while you get the eggs ready. To do this just crack the eggs into a bowl or jug and give them a good whisk. Add some salt and pepper to the onion and potato. Turn the heat back on so the pan starts warming up ready for the eggs, when the pan is hot add the beaten eggs to the mix .

The turn !

Once the eggs have set you have to turn it over… So here comes the tricky bit. Take a plate and place it over the pan put your hand firmly on the plate and confidently turn the source-pan upside down . Now the omelette is on the plate but still needs cooking on the other side. So with the pan now empty gently slide the omelette back into the pan so that the uncooked side is now facing down. Cook for a minute or two then do the plate trick again to get the omelette out and onto the plate.That’s it! You have a perfectly presented tortilla.
It’s a little bit more work than you think at first! But after a few practise goes at making your Spanish omelette you will perfect your dish and be able to whip one up in no time at all .

Adios !!

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