How to cook Spanish omelette (tortilla)

How to cook Spanish omelette, as with all cooking the most important thing is to use the very best ingredients!

Believe me it makes all the difference!

For the basic omelette all we need are eggs , onions , potatoes , olive oil, salt , pepper and some parsley.

1st cut the potatoes into small chunks of about 2 centimetres in diameter then slice the onions.

Add some oil to pan and pop in the onions, cook them slowly as this will release a lovely sweetness to your Spanish omelette. When the onions are translucent use a slotted spoon to remove them, then add the potatoes to the same oil. Slowly cook them until they’re just soft, then remove most of the oil from the pan.

Next add the onions back into the pan and mix them together with the photos. Have the pan on a low heat. Whisk 3 to 4 eggs together in a cup and add these to the pan.

Once the eggs have set (cook for about four to five minuets) put a plate on top of the pan and carefully turn the pan with the tortilla, onto the plate, now place the tortilla carefully back into the pan and cook the tortilla until it’s done.

Some people like the eggs well set and others not so much. So this is up to you and your family how well done you like it.

Thats its! With a bit of practice you’ll be able to make this super dish in no time at all.


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